Occupier’s Liability Insurance

This policy is designed to provide indemnity against legal liabilities arising from ownership, maintenance or use of the designated premises, including the ways immediately adjoining the premises or buildings for death, bodily injury or property damage sustained on or around the premises by any user or member of the public.

Scope of cover

  1. Loss or Damage to any of the buildings specified in the schedule arising from fire, collapse, storm, flood, earthquake
  2. Compensation as a result of accidental bodily injury or death to any person in the building insured
  3. Legal Liability of the insured for accidental damage to the underground water pipe, gas pipe or electricity cable or any underground installation or excavation extending from or to the building and public mains causing injury, death or property damage to any member of the public.
  4. Claims made on the Insured as occupier or apartment owner in his personal or joint capacity in respect of accidents happening during the continuance of this policy