Marine Hull


Marine activities are fraught with potentially devastating risks and watercraft may be lost or damaged.
Whether a pleasure or commercial vessel, this policy covers loss of or damage to the physical and mechanical structure of a watercraft



  • Perils of the seas, lakes, rivers, or other navigable waters
  • Fire
  • Jettison
  • Piracy
  • Contact with dock or harbour equipment or installation, land conveyance, aircraft or similar objects or objects falling therefore
  • Earthquake volcanic eruption or lighting
  • Accidents in loading, discharging or moving stores, gear, equipment, machinery or fuel
  • Explosions
  • Malicious acts
  • Theft of the entire vessel or her boats
  • Loss of or damage to the subject-matter insured (with exceptions)
  • Human negligence (with exceptions)
  • The expense of inspection of the bottom after a stranding ( if reasonably incurred specially for that purpose), even if no damage be found

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